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Guys. Help. The lovely lady_legira and bardmaiden have given me an iTouch... I'm posting this from it just to prove I can, really. It's pretty and distracting, but I'll try and behave. And on the plus side it does mean I'll be frantically online wherever I can find Wifi...

Which brings me to my proper point. I'm still unemployed, at least for another week, and it's been way too long since I posted fic. If any of you are still bothered, I've been working on a few AUs...

So which would you like? (No pressure, but I think I can guess. (: )

1. Jack/John AU ABC Apocalypse (Chapter 1)
2. Jack/Ianto Mutants (In which Ianto is flaming and Jack is overly secretive)
3. Harkness, PI (Need I say more?)

Answers on a postcard. Or comments. You know.

Happy 2011!

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Hello there, you sexy people.

Hub 5 happened, and those of you who were there, it was MARVELLOUS to see you again. (: And those of you who weren't, I was sad for your absence. ): Particularly those of you who dance like fiends. (: 'Cause that's always fun.

But yes. Screwdrivers were waved, fezzes were shot, in-jokes were cracked, Caroline Chikezie finally saw Cyberwoman and screamed quite a lot, everyone agreed Bilis was "so lovely!" and a pretty good time was had by we few, we happy few, we band of shippers...

(And next time I'll bring my laptop speakers, just in case... If they're needed, no more running for batteries, and if I blow them up I won't feel guilty... Though sparking_off's speakers were entirely wonderful until I killed them. They regenerated, I hope...)

Anywhosas. I'm back home, I was rather spectacularly ill for about 36 hours Wednesday morning onwards, but I can now actually walk between rooms without needing to sit down! And I have a job interview tomorrow... A certain bookshop. :o Just an interview, and considering it's my first... ever... I will probably not get the job. But goshdarnit if it ain't exactly what I want...

Oh well.

In the meantime, CVs and further job applications, and writing. Lots of writing. (: Voodoo-magic-world has index cards now! Whoot!

(And rewatching Cyberwoman at the Hub has made inner!Jack and inner!Ianto start jumping up and down and waving and yelling at me... :/ If I could just finish one of the things they want...)

Birth... day?

I appear to be 22... :/ Yike.

Also, I appear to have shiny things on my profile and a couple of nice messages in my inbox. ^_^ Thank you!

Also, I have lots of Matt Smith-related shiny things for real and many other shinies from Dragon*Con. No photos that *I* took, because someone stole my camera, which also kind of knocks my plans to do a "how-to photo guide" of my Dr Facilier costume on the head, but there are photos of me at the con around on the internet somewhere...

Also, I appear to have recovered from the anti-writing pit of despair I dropped into sometime midway through my Creative Writing degree... (Yeah, timing fail, I has it...) ... and I have a shiny new original universe with pretty people being all sensible and well-behaved and did I mention the voodoo magic and the gay thief?

*innocent whistle*

Oh, and as I may have mentioned to a few people a little while ago, Jack's been telling me how things actually happened in Torchwood Cardiff, when he hired Gwen Cooper a few months before that big ol' bust-up over at Canary Wharf...

And since I'm out of uni and don't (yet) have a job, things are happening in a writingy-way. Though my internet at home is dead on its feet. Ugh.

Oh, and HUB 5, ANYONE? (Er, can I grab a floor? ^_^')

Love, guys. Hugs all around. (:

She's back, and she's got a new trick...

Well, I was looking through all my fanfic files yesterday. And writing in lots of them, you'll be happy to know. I even discovered a good nine thousand words I'd completely forgotten I'd actually written, and a rather fine and dandy epic plot (remember the original Tardis BigBang challenge? Yeah, I started something... EDIT: And now it's official: Don't let me forget about this, 'kay?) I was just starting to get excited about. Fun times.

And then today, and now I feel... well, ill about covers it. To put things simply: I do not want another series of Torchwood.

BBC, you killed my show. Please stop poking its corpse.

So, now I have time on my hands, it's AUs and things set pre-Reset all the way. If that pleases you?

In other news, I have made a magazine, and appear to be still sane. We got five thousand copies of the beggar printed, for a very reasonable price, they're all glossy and shiny and pretty, and we had our launch party on the 9th of May and handed in the mag to be marked as part of our final degree work on the 11th of May, and I'm still posting out copies and sorting stuff out for it... It never ends. Ugh, it never, ever ends. Final results should be coming through sometime soon. :( Oh dear.

In other other news, I've won a runner-up prize in LJMU's Avalon poetry competition again, which is nice. I'll be entering some others too, hopefully. I'm definitely a better poet after three years of uni. I'm reasonably sure I'm a better writer too, though how much of that is course related and how much just natural development from reading and writing, who can say...

In other other other news, I have started making costumes for Dragon*Con in September. :) Among other things, I am going to be Dr Facilier from the Princess and the Frog. Because he is eleventeen kinds of awesome.

This is he. (: Should be a fun costume to make. If you would like, I can do photo-based cosplay-creation updates as it progresses... That sounds fun. I haven't been using LJ enough recently, need to do so more and then posting new fic will be easy as pi... (Ie, fic will tend to be 314 words long, or 3141, 3141592...)

And in final news, I am going to be in America this month, too, for a little while. Visiting shirafuzzy and odangoinblack.

Excuse me a moment while I go dance and try and find a bigger suitcase. YAY!

Oh, and you two? I'm bringing Maltesers. Put in your orders for other UK sweets now. ;)

Hugs all round, guys. (Oh, and by the way, Doctor Who? I love him. And the new Daleks. And... well, pretty much everything, really. I have a green sonic screwdriver. (: )

See more of y'all soon.


Hokay, so I've been a little busy these last... um... three months. Haven't been doing enough in the way of sleeping/eating/maintaining cleanliness of university rooms etc, let alone keeping up with the online world...

But, I'm still here (somewhere), still writing (Jack and Ianto still won't leave me entirely alone), still GOING TO GET BACK TO THAT JANTOLUTION CHALLENGE (argh argh argh I'm so sorry!)...

But the main reason I'm here is, I've dashed by for a quick callout, to see who's going to the Hub 4 in a week and a half? I might be able to snatch the time away, but if none of you guys'll be there there won't be that much point in me going, particularly with me having fallen off the fandom train and tumbled down a cliff into a hole under a rock this year. So, my beauties, do I squirm and wriggle and see if I can sneak away from running my magazine for a weekend, or no?

In any case, by the end of May I should be free again. And then I can catch up with all your lovely comments (I'm SO SORRY!) and finish off those fics and get back into reading a few things and... so on.


Unexpected loss

Am currently in York, staying with my Dragon*Con-enabling friends, but for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday morning, Ian, head of the gang, died suddenly in hospital, having been admitted on Christmas day.

I'm down here for a bit, then, trying to help the twins and further family out as best I can. Not sure how long I'll be here. Had plans to see Barrowman in panto on Saturday, should still be able to get there. Will need a good laugh.

Will get back on track with Jantolution stuff, comment replies, fic writing, magazine editing, university coursework and everything else when I'm not needed here anymore.

Love, guys.

Wow, I hate being busy.

I mean, coursework all in, magazine FAILING EPICALLY, thanks a lot apathy, lack of submissions and an equally apathetic co-editor. :(

But still, Christmas, and drama, and stuff I never got round to even before then, and and and and and...

Ugh. Hello, LJ. Hope you're well. I am back again, and posting the new Jantolution challenge, and off to make dinner before I keel over.

What's new since Hub? Um. Dunno. Mainly same busy busy. :/

Comment replies soon. :( Didn't mean to leave 'em since July, sorry.

She's back, and she's got a new trick...

Back from Hub. Hi folks. Discos were awesome, I reunited with lots of lovely people and met a few EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME people for the first time... *waves* XD Went to see La Cage Aux Folles on the Monday, had a cabaret table, saw far more of John Barrowman than I'd ever expected to (or really needed to... ^_^') had a drag queen dance on said table...

Good times.

I'll come back with photos soon. (I know, I always say that. I will, though. I WILL.)

(This, not so good: Because we couldn't have the law be FAIR, now, could we?

This, I think I may be buying: Because this would mollify me now.)

Oh, Photoshop...

Someone remind me never to try and do text in a circle when my photoshop won't manipulate the text for me. Changing the angle of every letter individually, for every new person's name, is a little... time consuming. And insanity-creating.

And will eventually lead to me giving up and just putting the names in a straight line straight over the top.

See here for a better idea of what I'm talking about.


Anyway. jantolution Challenge 23 now officially over, with a few particularly nice fics in there. ;) Go read, peoples. They're all oneshots, and they all have happy endings. You know you want to.